Monday, January 17, 2011

Post-Orientation Reflection

The three highlights of the orientation for me was the first day where I got to know new friends, the orientation camp and also the badge ceremony.

The "low" moments for me was when I failed in the high elements (in camp), when there wasn't enough food to eat in camp and when the badge ceremony ended which meant orientation ended.

I learnt that I must have courage during this two weeks. I also learnt that teamwork is very important in order to succeed and that we must respect others if you want others to respect you.

For the past two weeks, I found out that I can co-operate well in my groups if I want to, that I have quite a number of ideas in my head and also that I can be quite shy at times. (therefore I do not speak that much.)

In 2011, I am basically looking forward to school and learning through applied learning.

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